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Related post: Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2010 08:14:28 -0700 (PDT) From: Pete Brown underage pussys pics Subject: Reluctant Gladiator, part 11RELUCTANT GLADIATOR - Part Eleven A story by Pete Brown (petebrownuk yahoo.com)Read all of Pete's stories at groups.yahoo.com/group/petebrownseroticstoriesMike threw himself down on the mattresses then as it was time ls land underage to sleep - the "reception" had gone on quite a free underage twinks long time, and even though it was late we little vagina underage knew by now that there would be no letup in our training regime the following day. He sprawled there in the middle, and Jamie went and lay between him and one wall, leaving me no choice but to take the remaining space next to the other wall. I wished I'd been a bit quicker to act, as had I been in the middle there would have been no opportunity for Mike and Jamie to jerk off again - in spite of what Mike said about Jamie being a man, I really didn't think it was right for a mature guy like Mike to be playing with a sixteen year old.I wondered if I should say something - tell Mike that he was to leave Jamie alone. But I didn't have to bother as Jamie turned over to face the wall and within underage cumshot pics seconds his breathing childporn underage gallery had changed and I could tell that he was asleep. Now seemed as good a time as ever to tackle Mike about jerking off with Jamie, so I turned to him and whispered "Mike, we need to talk....."Mikes body tensed - I could feel it next to me, we were all so close in the small room. I knew he was listening to me. So I went on "Look, Mike, about this jerking off - I know you said Jamie's a man and all of that, but I still don't think it's right...."Mike underage mexican models gave me no indication that underage sex video he'd heard me. He lay there now rigid and silent, the rhythm of his breathing unchanged. "Mike, as I sad, you may think of Jamie as being a man, but he's only sixteen. Think about how you were when you were sixteen...."Mike continued to lie there still and silent, as if he was deliberately not reacting in the hope that I might shut up and he wouldn't have to talk about the issue I was raising. I started to get angry - I mean, the least he could do was to at least acknowledge that I was saying something, even if he didn't agree with what it was.I had another go. "I suppose it's all underage animation sex right for two guys to jerk each other off if they underwear teens underage want to do underage japanese models stuff like that - but that's when it's two guys about the same age. And I think you're taking advantage of Jamie, I think...."Mike's body tensed again. "Change the record, Steve! Who the fuck cares what you think? I'm tired of hearing what you think about the way gladiators deal with each other. You know jack shit about it, so shut the fuck up.""No, Mike. I won't. I might not have been a gladiator for as long as you, but gladiators are men, Mike, and men shouldn't be taking advantage of boys...."Mike turned to face me as I lay there, and hissed "Will you shut the fuck up? I'm tired and I want to get to sleep.""No, Mike...." I began, but the next instant, in that incredibly agile way he has of moving very quickly when he wants to, Mike had swung one leg over my body, and was now kneeling astride me as he had before, when I had been made to kiss his dick."Mike, stop it....." I was whispering, but I ought to have been shouting. But I didn't want to disturb Jamie who was now clearly asleep after all his exertions.Mike leaned forward so his face was right next to mine. "Let me understand this, Steve. It's not OK for me underage spanking drawings to jerk off with Jamie, even though he's a fellow gladiator. So I guess that leaves just you and me, Steve....""No! You know I don't do that sort of stuff....""I think nymph underage you enjoyed tgp underage nn it the last time we began to play....""No I didn't. You forced me....""I think you did. underage mpeg illegal It's all words with you, isn't it, Steve? You say all this stuff about it not being right for guys to jerk each underaged asian pics other off, but you were in the marines where it goes on all the time. And you can't hide it, Steve - you dick was rock solid last time, so your body knew what was right....""Listen, you bastard: I didn't go with other guys in the marines. Sure, a lot of my buddies did, but I didn't. And you forced me....""Like I'm going to force you again now, Steve...."I went to struggle, but it was no good. With Mike astride me already, and worried that we'd wake Jamie, I had no chance. Mike leaned forward so his chest was crushed onto mine, underage gallerie and I felt something hard and warm on my belly. He began to move his body backwards and forwards, very slowly - and I knew it was his erect dick under aged rape sliding between us that I could feel, a dick that felt so strange against my skin, hard and yet velvety. Somehow it was in a way very sexy - this big man on top of underage illegal pic me, so in control of his body that he could slide his cock between us and yet not stop me breathing normally. To my amazement - or was it to my shame as I was very confused at my reactions - I felt my own dick go hard and erect, and as Mike moved back to start another slide forward, it bumped against his butt.Mike must have felt it, as he pushed his face really close to mine now. His hot breath was right on my face. "So, Steve.... Is that what I think it is? You say you're not interested, but that's not the way a man who doesn't want sex acts..."Before I could reply, Mike reached behind him and hot underage preeten grabbed my dick, moved his xxx free underage body up slightly, and pulled my dick so that when he lowered himself it was sandwiched between us - our two dicks were side by side, pressed in to our bellies. Mike was smiling now, his eyes shining with excitement, as he moved slowly forwards. I couldn't help it - the feel of his body and his dick all over me like that was somehow so sensual that all I could do was gasp.... And as my mouth opened, Mike pushed his head forward and locked his lips onto mine!I tried to stop him, and went to tell him to fuck off, but as my underage gils mouth opened Mike's tongue went in. Look, I'm no stranger to proper kissing - even though a lot of the women I've had I've had to pay for and prostitutes won't usually let you do that (it's apparently OK for your dick to be inside them but not your tongue, which is odd when you think about it!), I've had a lot of the others, too, and underage blowjob videos I reckon it really adds to it if you've got your tongue right down the bitch's throat as you fuck her. But obviously I've never had another guy kiss me before, and of course it's usually my tongue deep almost underage nude into the bitch's - and now Mike's tongue was right in my mouth, pushing and thrusting and searching around. I could taste him - his tongue and spit were different from mine... I couldn't help it: perhaps some reflex cut in about kissing, and even though I didn't really think about it, my own tongue began to push against his, and I heard myself gasping at the sheer unexpected sensations that flooded through me.Mike gripped my head in his hands and continued to slide his body backwards and forwards as we now began that kind of desperate tussle that only two strong guys can do - our lips were locked together and our tongues were sliding over each other with an urgent underage free photo passion, just as our dicks were sliding between our sweating bodies. I don't know long it went on for, until Mike pulled his face away a little, looked down at me as I lay under him, and with that sort of smile he has whispered "So, Steve.... You don't like going with other guys? You could have fooled me...."I don't know what it was. Whether it was the sexual excitement of seeing Jamie fucking the bitch earlier which had got me aroused, or whether it was the sheer physicality of Mike who was using his body to give me the most amazing sensations, I just don't know. I found myself pushing my head upwards and putting my hand on Mike's head to pull it down towards me, so we could start kissing again - and it underage porn websites was my tongue making the running this time, as I probed around in his mouth, exchanged breath with him, and let big drools of our spit slide backwards and forwards. underage rape mpeg We both now had a dreadful sense of urgency, we needed relief, we needed something to happen.... Mike raised his body a bit up from mine, reached down, and I moaned aloud at the feeling that shot through me as he gripped our dicks and squeezed them together. He began to jerk us both off, very roughly, our dicks together, and smoking underage doing it the way he must like, with a lot of pulling right down to the root, followed by hard strokes upwards to catch the crown. I couldn't help myself. It felt so amazing, so sensual, so right, somehow. My girl underage toplist whole body was tingling and throbbing with excitement as sensations flooded through me in a crazy mixed up way - his tongue and mine, his scent, underage black virgins the feel of our sweating bodies pressed together, his dick against mine, being jerked off.... I needed to be part of this, I needed to do something, to share, to be active.... With one hand still holding our heads together I fumbled down and grasped Mike's as he carried on stroking us. Now I could feel the hairs on his arm against mine, and the sweat of our hands on our two dicks. As if in response to my movement, Mike half rolled off me, so that we were now side by side once more, with me on my back and Mike's leg and thigh still tossed over me. Our dicks had a lot more space sweet underage now, and mine was so hard as it thrust upwards that it was almost painful. Mike's hand wrapped itself around my dick, and to erotic underage usenet my surprise I found myself doing the same to his - the solid, hot flesh cloaked in his soft skin feeling just so very right in the palm of my hand.Mike carried on jerking me off roughly, but I like a bit more sensation and even though I was scarcely in control of myself now as we carried on deep kissing I knew I was probably exciting Mike more as I stroked his dick, slid my hand up and down it, and varied the pressure and speed of my hand, just as if I was jerking myself off.It couldn't last, pedo underage pussy of course. Two virile men can't keep jerking each others dicks without the underage pedo gallery inevitable happening. Even though I didn't want it to stop, I wanted it to go on and on, I could feel my balls tightening with that exciting approach of a climax, and I moaned and cried out as the semen shot out of me. Mike didn't stop, though - and I've hot underage lesbos one of the guys whose dick is incredibly sensitive after I've cum. So underage porno bbs as Mike continued to jerk at my dick, I began to thrash around and cry out with that incredible mixture of pain and pure delight that you guys who aren't like that can only guess at.I was still jerking Mike's dick, but now there was a change - suddenly my hand began to slide a nude underage forum lot more easily, nature underage nudes then Mike began to moan, too, and I felt hot spurts of his cum splashing onto my belly. I stopped then, and we rolled together, our arms now wrapping around each other and our hands running up and down each others backs as our dicks once more pressed together between our bodies.Mike pulled his head away, and we lay there, panting gently. He smiled at me, and whispered "So, Steve, you don't go with men? If that's what a novice does, I reckon we're in for exciting times now you've seen how good it can be....""Mike, no! I don't know what happened....""What happened, Steve, is that you woke up to what you've been missing all your life - proper, hard, man-on-man sex. Well, the beginnings of it, anyway. Now, get some fucking sleep, will you? Or at least let me get mine...." Mike moved a little away from me as he said this, but still kept his leg and thigh over my body. It felt good to have us close like that, and I revelled in the sensation of his dick lying on my thigh now - I supposed it would be dribbling cum on to me, but somehow I didn't care.I woke up the next morning as I always do, and Mike was now lying half over me, his arm across my chest. I pushed at him to wake up, and as he opened his eyes, to my utter amazement he moved his head over mine and pressed our lips together. underage child pussy I could feel his tongue probing, and almost without thinking opened underagegirl naked my mouth slightly. We lay there, our tongues thrashing around for a few seconds, then Mike pulled right away. He looked down at me, smiled, and whispered "Morning, Steve... Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life....""What do you mean?""You and me, Steve. Now you've been broken in, we've got a lot of fun to have together...." He stopped, and his smile was replaced for an instant by something much more wistful. "...at least until one of us gets hurt, or sold...."Before I could say anything, he swivelled his body off mine, turned and slapped Jamie on the butt to wake him up, then slid to his feet and stood there looking down at both of us as he real underage fucking played with his dick and casually scratched his ass, as a lot of guys do in the morning.We all three went to the showers, and there was a lot of good-natured laughing and joshing again as the other guys saw the strings of dried cum in our pubes - and, to my acute embarrassment, I saw faint scratch marks down Mike's back where in our passion, my finger nails had caught him. The other guys saw this too, of course, and began to pull at me to make me turn around so they could see topkds underage if Mike had done the same thing to me - and there was a lot more teasing when, it seemed, they said, that they could see the same on me, too.At our brief lunch break Mike told me to follow him, and we went over to where Shaikal and his two nigga buddies were sitting - most of us were glad to stay in the shade to cool off in the middle of the day, but the niggas were sitting out in full sun. We looked down at them as they sat there with big beads of sweat running down their chests, and Mike said, quite loud so that other gladiators nearby could hear "You tried to fuck one of the gladiators - Jamie. And Steve here tried to stop you and got punished for it. Last underage kiddie sex night Jamie proved he's a real gladiator - he fucked a bitch in front smoking underage australia of Straughan's guests, so I want to hear no more of you trying to fuck him. Do I make myself clear."Shaikal pulled himself to his feet, followed by his two buddies, and stood there in front of Mike looking very threatening. He was actually a couple of inches taller than Mike, but somehow out there in the hot sun he seemed a lot underaged petite bigger. "Mind our own fucking business! Me and my boys will do what we like. You whiteys need to stop interfering with us niggas."Mike stepped forward aggressively, his anger suddenly visibly blazing. "Listen, nigga boy. Last time it was Steve who stopped you - not very expertly, but he did. But now you've got nude underage child me telling you to leave Jamie alone, me, the Champion. Me and Steve, both. So if legal underage nonnude I hear of any problems, the three of you are up against the two of us, OK?"Shaikal took a step forward, and the two men were now so close that I thought it was inevitable that there would be a fight starting. But instead Mike reached down, and with his eyes still locked on Shaikal's, grabbed at Shaikal's balls through the thin cotton of his uniform. Shaikal went to attack, but suddenly stopped and stood there motionless. Mike carried on staring at him, and said in a voice cold and emotionless now "Feel my hand on your balls, nigga boy? Well the next time they're there, if we fight, it will be the last time you feel underage big boobs anything from them as I will personally tear them off. I'm the Champion, remember? And what I say here goes. And I'm telling you that I don't want to see you or your nigga boy buddies touching Jamie or an other new gladiator."Shaikal went to say something, but his face contorted in pain as Mike must have squeezed his balls. russia underage "Say nothing!", he said, his voice very menacing. "This is not open to debate. I've told you what I expect, and I'm the Champion. So fucking well underage child pictures do it, or take the consequences."It shows the power of Mike's personality I think that as he finished speaking he let go of Shaikal's balls, turned, and walked away, gesturing me to follow him. I was amazed at this show of self-assurance, as I felt certain that Shaikal would attack him. But now, as we got back to the shade, Mike turned to me and grinned. "Fucking niggas! They always act tough and they look big and scary, but there's nothing underneath.""They could have attacked you...""I'm the Champion, Steve. None of them would tackle me, if they thought about it.""But I don't think they were underage model gallery thinking! I reckon they would just have acted on reflex...."Mike underage sex workers smiled again. "You've got a lot to learn, Steve. They probably were acting on reflex - the reflex that niggas have learned in the last two or three school underage pussy hundred years: if a white guy gives an order, the nigga obeys."I couldn't tell if he was being serious or not, but Mike was off again, striding over to where Straughan was standing in the shade, evidently having watched this exchange. I followed, as I was interested to hear what Straughan would say."So, nigga trouble, Mike?", Straughan asked."No, boss. No trouble. I think they needed to underage euro teen hear a few rules about proper gladiator behaviour, that's all.""Hear and feel them?"Mike smiled. "Those niggas can be uppity, and letting them feel a white man's hand reminds them who's in control here.""Just as long as there won't be any trouble, Mike. Steve here will remind you about how painful cute teen underage fights in my school can be."Mike nodded, and went on "The new gladiator, Jamie.... He performed well last night, didn't he?""Yes. A fine performance. I think he'll be requested again after he's been in the arena.""Well, boss, you know you ordered Mike and me to look after him? Well, I don't think there's a problem now. The other guys accept him as a proper gladiator, and it was only the niggas... And we won't have any more problems with them. I reckon you could assign him to bunk with one of the other young lads - it's a bit crowded with all three of us in one room."Mike could see that Straughan was not very interested, and hastily went on "...And I reckon that he needs the company of one of the young guys, boss, if you want to 'bring him on' quickly so he can go into the arena. You know, boss, when underage pron forums the young guys are together they talk about fighting and tactics and stuff like that....""You can do that, Mike.""Yes, boss, but it's not the underage girls incest same. He needs other young guys to talk to about their kind of fighting. It's no good me telling him how to pummel your opponent's guts... He hasn't got the power. No, boss, he needs someone closer to is own age and fighting ability - like Darren.""Darren?""Yes, boss. The one who is already 'skinned. He's almost eighteen, older than Jamie, but not that much older. And he's a good fighter. And brave - he's even cheeky to me! Well, he's a bit of a joker, and he's cheeky to everyone and he's lucky not to get a good spanking from some of us. But it goes with the territory, I reckon - all that bravado makes him a good fighter, and he could teach Jamie a lot, make him a better fighter, quicker...."Straughan smiled. "Enough! And I suppose you want Steve out of your room, too, so you can enjoy those bitches you keep buying...""No, boss! Me and Steve, we seem to elite underage pics rub underage russian teen along private amature underage together pretty well." He turned to me as he said this, giving me the merest hint of a wink as he said the 'rub along'. underage teenies porno Then he went on "So Steve can stay, boss, if that's OK with you? And I reckon it's good for him, boss - I let him use my bitches when I'm done, and you want him to be in peak condition, don't you? And he's not winning yet, so he can't buy bitches himself..."Straughan smiled again. "You're the Champion, Mike, and I defer to your expert advice in these matters! So make sure you keep Steve in peak condition...""Thanks, boss."Straughan turned and moved away, and Steve slapped me on the back. "Hey, great! The last guy who naked young underage roomed with me was taken out after a couple of weeks. But I reckon Straughan will let you stay now. And.... And I've got to keep you in 'peak' condition. So we can continue to 'rub along', like we did last night! So I'll be able to save up my winning credits for when times get really tough and I'm not underage tanya nude winning any more, and will want a bit of company at the end...."Suddenly he seemed to look tired, and somehow older. And he'd stopped smiling. "What do you mean, Mike?""Steve, think about it! I'm the Champion now. Fought my way up the hierarchy. Defeated other gladiators, and finally, in a private fight here, was put up against the Champion and I beat him. It's not usual for us to fight each other, but when a Champion is looking as if he's nearing the end of his career, Straughan arranges a bout between him and the 'contender' - and folks will pay a lot of money to watch. The Champion is generally very popular with the crowds, you know - he kind of represents the school. So then there's to be a change, there's a lot of interest, so Straughan arranges a match and underageblowjob can sell tickets at a big mark-up. So one day, sooner or later, I'll be up against one of the gladiators here, fighting to remain Champion - it might even be you, Steve! Who knows?""But it can't be all that terrible to lose....?""Get real, Steve! What do you think happens to a defeated Champion?""Well you continue to fight - you're not the Champion, but you're still a gladiator...""You stop being Champion because you lose a fight. And you lose a fight because you're going out of condition - however much I work out, I'm getting older. And there's only so long that my greater skill and experience can continue to win out over the power and vitality of a younger guy... So one day, one of these men out here, maybe even you, as I said, will take me down. And then it's clear that it's almost all over for me - I'll start to lose more and more often, until I get seriously injured. But perhaps Straughan will find a buyer for me - he's not a bad lanista, he does care about us a bit, provided there's a profit in it for him.""Who buys old gladiators then?""Well mostly some of the lesser schools, I suppose. I'd get a couple of more years fighting in some lower-level arena or private club or something. But it would be the same there - sooner or later I'd start to lose, and then they'd get rid of me. But it won't be easy - old gladiators, if they're not so badly injured that they have to be put down, have a reputation for violence. So a lot of jobs for slaves aren't applicable. So it's normally down the mines.... Once you're down there you're out of harm's way as far as the public are concerned - there are only slaves down below and the lift is strictly one-way... You get put down there and you spend the rest of your life working in the dark, hardly able to stand....""There must be overseers, surely?""Why? With only slaves down the mine, it's easy to manage. You have to send the stuff you've mined up to the surface, and they 'pay' you by sending food down. Simple - no management costs at all, hardly. No work, nothing goes up, so no food." Mike stopped, underage nimphets shrugged as if to say it didn't much kiddy porn underage matter to him, and went on "But that's a long way off. I reckon I've got a couple of years more here as Champion, then maybe four more as I drop down the scale.... And, you never know, when it comes time to sell me, Straughan might do the right thing and sell me to someone who wants an ex-gladiator....""Such as?""Well, such as someone nude underage videos who wants a personal trainer. Or the owner of a gym, who wants to offer their customers underage sex toplist training from an ex-Champion...." Mike grinned underaged sex mpegs now as he went on "Or, of course, to one of those people who like to watch gladiators fuck - you saw them last underage child porn night - and who decide that they could have personal performances every night, VERY personal, if you know what I mean, and from a Champion!""You mean you'd have to fuck some woman who owned you?"Mike shrugged. "Better than being down a mine, if you ask me. But what makes you think smooth underage boys it would be a lady who bought me? There were a lot of men watching the fucking.... And I reckon a lot of men want to fuck a gladiator, any gladiator, let alone a former Champion. But, as I said, it's better than being down a mine, I suppose. And in any case, what's the point of worrying about it? 'Que sera, sera' as our predecessors in the arena in Rome would have said. And they had it much worse, after all - we only risk serious injury, and they got slaughtered."I would have liked to hear more about Mike's views underage girls pussies on the future, but the guards called for us to start the afternoon's training at that point, and we moved off to our different disciplines: I was going to have wrestling bouts, and Mike was going to spend time as he often did simply punching at the punching balls and sacks to further strengthen his hands (which I knew, from feeling them on my body and dick were really callused) and build up his shoulder muscles and biceps - not that he needed it, I reckon.At dinner in the mess hall we met again and Mike was as usual "in charge" at our table, laughing and joking with the other guys. He got nasty underage stories up at one point and moved over to the next table where Jamie was siting, and exchanged a few words. I saw Jamie looking sort of slumped after that, but Mike then moved away and fetched the kid Darren over and introduced him to Jamie: I remembered the kid now as he was the one who had told me about his dad having him 'skinned, and I thought that mpeg underageasian girls Jamie was OK as he'd seemed to be a nice guy under underage virgin bbs his street-wise exterior. And, as Straughan said, he was nearly eighteen and that makes a tremendous difference at that age, doesn't it? Jamie was still really a "youth" in spite of all his toughness and fucking, but there was no doubt that Darren was a "man" - generally physically girls naked underage bulkier and stronger. From seeing him in the showers I thought that the only thing stopping him from being a real man like the rest of us was that it was the rule at Philips' Fighters that until they were eighteen and branded and 'skinned, the gladiators had to be totally body shaved. I suppose I'd got used to seeing Jamie like this, but for a guy nearly two years older, it must be really tough. Still, it was probably better for Jamie to have someone nearer his own age to bunk with rather than learning even more about sex from Mike!As we were leaving the mess hall Jamie bounded up to Mike and tried to follow us back to the room, and Mike reminded him about the new arrangement, and told him to go off underage incest gallery and find Darren. I saw Jamie looking at first sad, then he tried pleading with underage manga Mike, and then he got angry when Mike ignored his pleas. Mike doesn't do stuff like that well, as we know, and I saw him tell Jamie to shut the underage bbs gallery fuck up and to go away - but he didn't get the message, of course, and the next minute nude underage pedo there was a big "slap" sound as Mike slammed the palm of his hand across Jamie's face. Jamie stood there in stunned silence for a moment, then threw himself at Mike, arms flailing as if to hit Mike in any way he could. It was futile, of course - Mike was taller and so much stronger, and an experienced fighter.Mike grabbed hold of Jamie, then, as all of us watched, put one foot up onto one underaged nude of the benches, threw Jamie across his raised thigh, pulled down Jamie's uniform, and began to spank him with his bare hand. Jamie had initially been swearing and cursing at Mike, but as Mike's hand went on and on remorselessly with the spanking, he quietened and I could see he was trying to stop himself from beginning to cry with the humiliation and the pain."OK, Mike, enough is enough!" I told him.Mike paused for a moment, his hand still raised to give Jamie another blow. "Stay out of tiny pink underage this, Steve.""No, Mike. I said 'enough'. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, hitting Jamie like that. Humiliating him....""Shut the fuck up, Steve. You don't know how these things are done here. He attacked me, the Champion. And no-one does that and gets away with it. He needs to learn respect.""Fuck you, Mike! You know that's not the whole story. He was upset and disappointed that you arranged for him to be thrown out of our room. He just lost it a bit, that's all... He doesn't deserve what you're doing to him. No you've hit him enough - so let him go.""That sounds like an '...or else!', teen underage ru Steve."Before I could stop myself, I blurted out "Perhaps it is, Mike. Stop it, or else I'll make you stop it."Mike took his foot off the bench to stand up straight, facing me, and dumping Jamie onto the floor where he lay there naked, looking up at both of us. We squared up to each other, and the guys around now formed a tight circle, keen to see us fight, I guess."Come on, then, Steve.... Make me....", Mike taunted, and it was too much. I knew I didn't underage porno free have a snowball in hell's chance of winning, and that Straughan would certainly underage anal teens punish me again, but I swung at underage nymphomaniacs Mike anyway. I mean, a man can't back down, can he? Not and have an respect for himself, or from the other guys, in future.Mike parried the punch effortlessly, and the next thing I knew he'd grabbed at me and was behind me, his arm around my throat almost choking me. He pushed me over towards one of the mess tables and I soon found out what was going on: his other hand snaked down underage petite teens and grabbed my balls, then once he'd seen I knew what would happen if I pretten underage didn't behave as he squeezed them just hard enough to make me cry out in anger and pain, he let go of my throat and snapped "Belly down on the table, Steve."I couldn't resist. I didn't dare, as I knew Mike could and would tear my balls off if I provoked him. So I lay there, and felt Mike pull my uniform down so that all the guys could see my bare ass. There was a lot of cheering and shouting, but above it I heard Mike say to me "Don't interfere, Steve. Don't interfere when the Champion is controlling things. Now I've got to hurt you, as you challenged me......"Still gripping my balls so I couldn't move, underage topless sunbathing Mike's other hand began to smash into my butt remorselessly. And when a big, powerful guy like Mike starts to hand spank you, believe me, you really feel it. After only three strikes I was crying out. And by the time I'd had ten I was really howling.Suddenly, Mike stopped and I realised all the other guys had gone silent. "What's the meaning of this?", Straughan thundered. "You know I do not tolerate attack behaviour in the school!""It's nothing, boss...", Mike said quietly. amateur girls underage "It's not an attack. It's only that Steve here was a bit disrespectful, and you know it's one of the responsibilities of the Champion to keep good nn photography underage order...""It seems too much like a fight to me. I'll have you both punished....""Please, sir... Please, Mr Straughan", I cut in, not liking where this was going. It shows how successful punishment on the beam is because there was no way I wanted to experience it again. "Mike is right. I did say some things I should not have. It is a discipline issue, only."Straughan looked at me, and I suspect he knew I was lying underage hairless pussy to protect both Mike and me. So I stuck out my hand and said "Mike, I'm sorry, OK? real underage rape Shake on underage naked nude it?""You admit you shouldn't interfere, then?"I was underage nude movies about to tell him that he could fuck off, for trying to take advantage of my generosity like that by getting me to say more whilst Straughan was listening. But instead said meekly "Yes, Mike. I was wrong, OK?"That smile again, always a smile on that guy's face. But this time it was clearly one of triumph: Mike had got his own underage porn teenie way again. He reached out his hand and shook mine. Then, looking down at me, said "You'd better pull your uniform up - you obviously find being spanked is a bit of a turn-on...."I'm sure I went scarlet young underage toplist with embarrassment when I realised I'd gone erect, and all underage little pics the guys ere looking at underage nudists fuck me.End Of underage sex comics Part Eleven
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